PCB Reverse Engineering


You may have a number of designs that are old and no longer able to be read by your CAD systems.

As long as you have the Gerber and a paper copy of schematic, I can reverse engineer these and produce a set of schematics and layout files.


Or you may have some products back for repair for which you no longer have the design files.
Even if all you have is a populated PCB, I can reverse engineer the design and give you a schematic. Providing the design is a single or double layer PCB, I can also give you a layout file. If the PCB has more than two layers, it is impossible to recreate accurately the inner layers to the original design, but I can still give you a schematic.

All schematics and PCB layout files are created in OrCAD, which is dongle protected, so I can install OrCAD on your computers, meaning you can be sure your design stays in your premises for that extra security. If required, the designs can then be delivered in the CAD system of your choice.