Steve Halter

Senior Test Engineer at Sonardyne International

Kieron is a hardworking and knowledgeable engineer. He is also very helpful and is very willing to help out colleagues who are having problems.

Roger Diment

General Manager Gresham Power Electronics, 2007 – 2010

Kieron worked for me for several months and proved to be a competent realiable Test Engineer. His work was of a high quality and could be relied upon to work under pressure.

Jatinder Matharu

Director of Jeevotec

Although Kieron wasn’t able to carry out much testing whilst I knew him, Kieron was lethal with a solder iron in his hand in the most positive way! He was always ready to help and share his knowledge openly, we all learnt something from his considerable experience over the year in different field from defence to commercial. He is extremely skilled and ensures that he is up to date with his training and possess an impressive collection of high quality tools and equipment necessary for his work. A real asset for his clients and work colleagues. He was a great colleague to work with!